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Side Curl Bangs


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Bangs can be useful in hiding your large forehead and it is also suitable for all face shapes. It can be worn short or long depending upon the hairstyle you are wearing. Side curl bangs are the best choice to create with a short hair and it can easily elongate your face. It is important to purchase few styling products before starting the styling tools such as a round brush and other styling products.
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First use normal shampoo to wash the hair and rinse it using warm water. Use a normal towel to dry your hair and remove the knots by brushing it with a bristled hairbrush. Now you must part the hair using a wide toothed comb and try to place the part over the opposite side where the side-bangs to fall. Next add a small amount of gel all over the hair by applying it on the fingers. Keep the round hair brush just below the bangs over the roots of your hair and try to move your round hair brush till the end of the hair by twisting it gently. Use a blow dryer for drying the hair and move round brush towards the end of your hair from the root. You can shape the bangs using the round brush in the same way along with the blow dryer till you get the desired look. At last mist a little amount of spray over the bangs and the remaining part of your hair.

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