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Styling Hair With Jaw Clip


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There are different ways you can make the hair to stay up on your head and one of the way is using a jaw clip. It can be used for styling the hair in different ways without spoiling the look of your face. Wearing a simple hairstyle can be boring for most of the women and they can use this clip to make the simple looking hairstyle more unique.
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First take the entire hair to make a simple looking ponytail in between the neck and crown of the head. Try to twist it using your hand to make it look like a coil. Then take the coiled ponytail over your head on top and keep it in place on the scalp using the dominant hand. Next fold top half of your ponytail at the back over the neck and secure it place. Now keep the hand on the entire ponytail and press two handles on top of your jaw clip together using the dominant hand which will make the jaws of the clip to open. Keep the jaw clip to press its teeth against the scalp. Make sure that the clip has been placed in a proper way by using your fingers. You can also use a thin hair band to keep the ponytail in place instead of using your hands during the styling process. Try to style the hair using other hair accessories and also match it with a proper outfit.

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