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Using Clips For Hair Height


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Creating height in your hair can give a unique look and it can be achieved easily by using few simple hair clips. You must create this look immediately after washing the hair by keeping it slightly damp. You must mainly concentrate on the hair roots to create this look perfectly. This hairstyle can also help to add more volume in the hair. Make sure to use duckbill clips to style the hair in this way as they are thin and long.
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First condition the hair after washing it and use a towel to remove excess water. Use a volumizing spray to mist the hair and mainly on the areas where you would like to add the height such as top as well as upper sides on your head. Now take a small part of hair up using your fingers and use duckbill clip keep it in place in the same position. Tuck the left out hair few inches from your scalp into duckbill clip. Use this technique on the small part of your hair where you are planning to create the volume as well as lift in the hair. Use a blow dryer with low setting on the hair and blow air directly on the roots. Leave the hair to become cool after the blow drying process and mist the hair with a spray. Now you can take out the clips from the hair and style it as usual with your fingers.

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