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Vegetable Hair Coloring


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There are various hair colors that can be used to create unique looking hairstyle. But using chemicals to color the hair can cause damage to them, so some of them prefer to use vegetable hair color which is considered to be much safer as well as non-toxic. It is mostly used by pregnant women as they are very much concerned about their health. There are many homemade vegetables that can be used to create a semi-permanent hair color and it can stay on for about 8-10 washes. But you can store the vegetable color only for about 2 days in a refrigerator for further usage.
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Before starting the process you must choose what type of color will be suitable for your hair. You can use sage and rosemary to color the grey hair by mixing them in water. Try to steep it for few hours and leave it to become cool on its own. Now you can wash the hair as per your desire to end the styling process. Take three parts of strained as well as chamomile tea and mix it along with one part of lemon juice which can be used to make the hair look lighter in color. Another option is using henna to color the hair and you can also use other herbs along with henna to get different types of shades. Get darker henna as it will be in brown-red or black-red color to get the most unique look.

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