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Face Framing Haircut


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Getting a face framing haircut can give a new look if you are wearing it for the first time. You must be able to make a number of haircuts to achieve this look and it is not like your normal haircut where the hair will be cut in the same length. In this hairstyle, there will be layer that will frame your face to give a beautiful look. This style is mainly created in a saloon and if you are good at cutting your own hair can do this at home.
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Before starting the cutting process first make your hair clean and brush it straight back using a wide toothed comb when it is still damp. Now pull a one inch part of your hair forward which will be used for cutting. Use the middle of your nose as guide to cut the hair in a straight line. Then take the trimmed strand straight up to make minor adjustments as per your desire and it will be used as the guide for cutting the hair further. Each piece of the haircut must get longer starting from this length. Now take the remaining part of the hair from the back and take a section from top on the head to add few little of hair from the haircut. Do the cutting by moving down your hair till you reach middle of your head. You can make minor adjustments again with your hair and wash it as usual.

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