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Full Finger Waves


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Finger waves have been a very common hairstyle from the 1920s and it is worn in different variations in the present day. One of the best way make the normal finger waves in creating full finger waves. It is a perfect hairstyle that can be worn while attending a wedding or other events. This style can be created on any type of hair from short to long and it can be achieved at home by following few simple steps. If you are finding it difficult to create the ways on your own, get help from a friend instead of going to a hairstylist.
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Begin the hairstyling after washing the hair and keep it damp. Then add a hair gel all over the hair with the help of a normal plastic comb and make a part on one side of the head by keeping your finger flat on the hair. Try to press the comb against your finger to drag it sideways along the finger which will help to create a ridge of hair. Next comb your hair using a normal hair brush on the curve that was created earlier. Make sure to brush the hair in opposite direction of your hair which will help to create a noticeable ridge. Use your fingers to move make wave one inch below the waves that was created previously. Continue to create waves all over the hair in the same way and style it as per your desire.

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