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Natural Ways To Darken Hair


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Having a dark hair can make it look healthy as well as beautiful and most of the people use hair color to make them dark. But you can make the hair dark without using any type of hair colors. Using hair colors can be allergic to most of the people in that case they can prefer other ways for making their hair dark. There are various methods that can helpful in achieving dark hair even though they don’t provide the exact color that is produced from the hair colors.
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First make a strong coffee which must be left to become cold and it can be used to soak the hair repeatedly before rinsing it. You can also use a blow dryer to make the hair darker after this process. Another option is making a black tea and leave it to boil. Drain the tea in a bottle which can be used on the hair and leave it for about one hour. Leave the hair to become fully dry with the help of a blow dryer which can expedite this process. The final option would be taking dark color flavored drink like a black cherry along with a conditioner to make it a thick paste. Wear hand gloves to apply this mixture on the hair. Leave the mixture on the hair as long as possible and rinse the hair which will give a dark look. This technique is mostly used for darkening the hair with vivid colors.

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