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Treating Hair With Rosemary Oil


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There are different types of herbs available that is considered to be useful for treating the hair. A rosemary is available in hair products such as shampoos and lotions. It is an herb that is expected to provide treatment for hair loss and improve hair growth. Before using the rosemary oil on the hair try to make sure that the leaves have dried to prevent damage to the hair.
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First take fresh rosemary for making a shampoo and make sure to take out the leaves from its stem. Keep it in a storage container and leave it as it is for overnight before using it on the hair. Try to apply grapeseed oil along with rosemary to avoid chemical reactions such as copper. You must put the rosemary in medium-sized pot and heat it for about three hours which will help to make the product mixed i a proper way. Use only low heat on the product as overheating can may spoil the mixture. Take the oil mixture from the hot pot and keep it aside to become cool overnight. In the next morning use the oil to massage the hair before taking the bath and rinse it repeatedly. This will help to treat the hair loss and also add more shine to the hair. Always store the mixture in a warm place stored in a container and make it hot with low heat which will infuse the grapeseed oil with rosemary.

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