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Using Ogilvie Straightener On Hair


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Ogilvie straightener is mainly used to remove the waves and curls in the hair. It usually uses chemicals for taking out the curls permanently by simple breaking the keratin bonds in your hair. This product also restructures your hair shaft by making it straight. Before using this product on the hair try to make a patch test to prevent any damage to the hair. Apply it on the elbow on your hand to check for itching or allergic reactions.
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There are different types of Ogilvie straightener available in the store such as regular straightening as well as conditioning treatment. Try using the conditioning treatment on the damaged hair by adding leave-in conditioner by spreading it on the hair using your hands. Don’t use it on the rots as they are not suitable for them and mainly use it at the end of your hair. Take the straightener lotion to apply it over the hair by parting it into four sections. You must use the straightener from back hair sections with the help of a rat-tail comb. Try to wear hand gloves before using it on the hair till you achieve the desired straightness. Now you can rinse the hair after washing it using a neutralizing shampoo. Try to massage neutralizer on the hair gently using your fingers and leave it on for about 5 minutes before starting the rinsing process. You must deep condition the hair once in a week to keep it healthy.

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