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Wavy Side Ponytail


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Wearing a wavy side ponytail can be a perfect choice for a formal event. It is one of the most popular ways of styling the hair when it is long. There are different ways you can wear a ponytail and this variation is worn with the hair worn on one side of your head making the loose hair to fall down on the shoulder. You can also add waves in the ponytail to make it much more glamorous. Here is the best method to achieve this saloon based hairstyle by sitting at home with few simple tools.
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As usual begin the styling with a freshly washed hair and spread a little amount of hair gel throughout the hair. Then brush the hair gently and make a deep side part with the help of wide toothed comb. Now take the entire hair at the side of the head and secure it in place using elastic hair band above the shoulder. Use the curling iron by pulling a one inch section of loose hair for creating the curls in it. You can also use small curling iron to create tighter waves or try using larger curling iron for loose curls. At last use your fingers to comb the hair which will help to form gentle waves all over and mist it with a spray to keep the hairstyle in place. You can also use both small and large curling irons for create more natural look hairstyle.

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