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Hairstyle With Wavy Crimps


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A crimped wavy hair can be created on any type of hair. This hairstyle is considered to be the best way to style the hair during summer season. It is very easily to get this look by sitting at home by using a crimp and wave iron. Crimp iron is used to create a normal crimped hair and to create waves in them you must use a wave iron. You must also use few hairstyling products such as a styling hairspray or a pomade to maintain the hairstyle in the same way for a long time.
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Begin the hairstyling by creating a normal part of 2 to 3 inch sections in the hair and mist all over the hair with a thermal hairspray. The spray will protect the hair from the heat produced by the wave iron. Now take the wave iron and try to crimp the hair near your scalp from top to bottom. You must be able to press the wave iron down on the section of your hair for 5 seconds and use the same method on the rest of your hair. Now you can look in a mirror to see if you have missed any strands of the hair. Brush the hair using your fingers and style the hair with a hair pick. Always use a wide tooth comb for brushing the hair during the styling process and don’t use fine tooth comb as it can give a frizzy look.

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