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Layered Swoop Bangs


layered swoop bangs layered swoop bangs2
Layered swoop bangs can give a flirty as well as simple look. It is a hairstyle that can give a fun look for most of the people who wear it with medium to long hair. In this hairstyle there will be gentle layers in front of your head that will brush against the eyebrow creating a cheekbone line. This style can easily draw attention to your face on the top half.
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First make a simple part after washing the hair with the help of a fine toothed comb. The part must start on the middle of your eyebrow where the swoop bangs will fall. Now make another part which must be on top of the head starting at the part that was just created and move to opposite temple from your side part. Blow dry the part of your hair along with round brush by keeping it under the section. Now take this part between the index as well as middle finger below your cheekbone and take your fingers opposite side of the face where the bangs will sit. Start cutting the hair using scissors which must point toward ceiling and make upward snips for achieving a feathered look. Try to cut the bangs at the temple and move towards center of the face. Now take the remaining hair to place it over the side of your face. At last blow dry the hair once again and do some adjustments if required.

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