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Multi-Dimensional Hair Highlights


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Highlighting hair is done in different ways and adding multi-dimensional highlights on the hair can give an outstanding look. This type of highlights is usually done on kid’s hair as it can give them a beautiful as well as natural look. You must select the hair color which can blend easily with your original hair color. Multi-dimensional hair color can be used on section of your hair in multiple shades. Here is a method that can be used while highlighling the hair in this way, but try to make it look natural.
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Before adding the multi-dimensional highlights on your hair make sure to get a proper haircut. In case you have multiple layers in the hair, try to use more colors on each layer. Always select base color for the hair which can help to contrast your highlights very easily. Select a highlighting hair color which must be lightest and it must match perfectly with the base color. The highlight must be on top outer part of the hair which will help to add dimension to your color. Using mid-light color for highlighting the hair can help to more add dimension in the hair. This color can be slightly off when compared the base color and it will also blend easily with your natural hair color. There are many things that must be taken care while using the multi-dimensional highlights on your hair and especially if you use it on the bangs.

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