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Using Spiral Rods To Roll Hair


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Creating a rolled hair can give a great look and you can easily achieve this look with the help of spiral rods. Even though this hairstyle is created using a normal barrel roller, using spiral rods can give a completely new experience. Spiral rods will be usually long and cylindrical which have been specially made to create long as well as flowing spiral curls. Try to use large curler to create large curls in the hair and smaller curler to achieve small curls.
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To create roller hair, start by applying a hair gel all over the hair to make it slightly damp and take a one section of hair with a rat-tail comb to secure it using a butterfly clip. Now you must wrap your one inch section of hair around the spiral rod twice. Try to take the both ends of spiral rod to spin it slowly at vertical angle. Wrapping your hair to the scalp can help to achieve this look much better than using other tools and try to secure the hair ends together before releasing the spiral rod. Use this method on the next section of your hair and leave it to dry on its own. You can also use a diffuser to dry the hair and then take out the hair from the spiral rods. Use your fingers to style the hair and it can also help to separate the curls which can give a natural look.

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