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Headband Hair Bun


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A headband hair bun is a completely stylish hairstyle that can be worn for any kind of special occasions. There are many who want to style their hair like this as it can give an amazing look. It is important to have a lengthy hair to create this hairstyle to make it look perfect. There is no need for any hair specialist to achieve this look as it can be done using few simple tools.
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First spritz the hair with a spray to control flyaways and comb it completely to create a simple ponytail. Make sure to secure the ponytail in places such as near the nape of your neck, near the crown on the head or at the side of your head. Now you must start twisting the hair around the ponytail to create a simple bun and use bobby pins to keep it in place. You can also make a simple sock bun which can help to add more volume in the hair and try to tuck the ends of your hair under the sock bun. Try to roll the sock bun at the base of the ponytail which will help to cover the sock bun during each roll and keep it secured using bobby pins. Now you wear a headband on your head and make it rest over the crown. Try to keep the headband simple when you are wearing it during the daytime fun and wear a jeweled headband for nighttime time.

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