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Methods To Relax A White Hair


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White hair can be made more attractive by making it relaxed. It is easy to relax the hair when you have curls in it using a chemical relaxer. Relaxing the white hair with curls can help to reduce your styling time when compared to other hair types. Make sure to purchase a proper relaxer to use it on the hair and test it before using it on the hair.
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First separate the hair as 4 parts from one ear to another and from center to the nape. Use hair clips to secure each section individually and pull first part to create horizontal parts to apply petroleum gel to the scalp. Continue this till all of the sections are coated with petroleum jelly which will protect the scalp from chemical relaxer. Now wear hand gloves before using the relaxer with the help of your hair brush from root tip over the strands. You can follow the instructions on the relaxer before using it on the hair for better results. Then rinse the hair with warm water and use a neutralizing shampoo for washing the hair. Wash the hair at least times and dry it with a towel. Now use a conditioner on the hair starting from root to end and cover it using plastic cap. Leave the conditioner on the hair for about 20 minutes. You can also try a hooded dryer with low setting on the hair and then rinse it thoroughly.

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