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Treating Hair With Honey


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Honey is used for various purposes, but it can also help for hair growth. It is a natural ingredient that has minerals as well as vitamins which is capable of nourishing the body. The honey has the capacity to retain water that can help to keep the hair moisturized and prevent tangling.
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First mix one tsp of honey along with two tbsp of olive oil and an egg yolk. Then divide the hair as different parts and apply the mixture on the hair over the strands. Leave the hair with the mixture for about half an hour by covering it with a shower cap. Next take the cap out and rinse the hair as usual. Honey can be useful in treating a colored hair which can also avoid breakage. You can apply it on the roots of the hair using your fingers and leave it for about 20 minutes before rinsing it with a shampoo. Try to clean the scalp using honey for avoiding the hair loss. Take one tbsp of honey along with one tsp of cinnamon powder and apply it over the scalp. Leave the mixture on the hair for about 15 minutes and wash it as usual. Honey can be used to make the hair look soft and shiny by mixing it with water. Use it after washing the hair with shampoo and conditioning treatment. You can mix honey along with olive oil and mild shampoo for washing the hair to prevent tangling.

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