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Afro Fade Haircut


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Creating an afro fade hairstyle can be difficult if you are doing this for the first time. You can get help from a hairstylist to make this hairstyle look perfect or just follow this simple procedure to achieve this look at home. There are different types of fades that can cut with an afro hair and make sure to choose the best one for your hair.
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First brush the hair out and cut the hair at the sides to one inch. Decide about the length of your fade and cut the excess hair within the one inch length. Use a hair gel to comb the hair upwards. Now take the clippers in four guard size to cut the hair at the sides and move from base to upwards on your head. Try to move your clippers away from crown of the head to achieve the fade look. Next take size three guard to cut the hair by moving clippers away from your head just below the place where you had used size four guard. Try to change the clippers to size two and use the same technique to cut the hair. Now use size one guard to cut the hair from base of your skull moving outward where the size two guard stopped. Finally edge your hairline to create the sharp lines by using a fine toothed hair brush. You can also use a five guard size to use it all over the head to remove uneven lines.

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