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Creating Hair Volume With Hot Rollers


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Hot rollers are mainly used to create different types of hairstyles, but you can also use the same tool to add volume in the hair. You can make your hair look fuller near the crown and the roots will appear thicker as well as healthier. There are other hair products that can be used to achieve the volume in the hair, but hot rollers can be used by anyone.
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Start your styling by using a leave-in conditioner all over the hair and comb the hair using a wide tooth hair brush to distribute the conditioner evenly .Now take the hot rollers with the correct heat setting to use it on the hair. Try to separate the hair into two 1 inch sections and mist it with a hairspray. Try to roll the section in the hot roller from end to roots of your hair and keep it in place using bobby pins. Use this technique on the rest of your hair and keep it secured in place. Now apply a lightweight hold hairspray on the hair and leave it for about 20 minutes. You can also blow dry the hair that has been wrapped with the hot rollers for make it set perfectly. Take the hot rollers from the hair gently without pulling the hair. Run the fingers through the hair after turning the head left side up to check the volume you have achieved and style it as per your desire.

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