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Hairstyle With Loc Extensions


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A Loc extension is a simple method of adding extensions with your natural hair. You can loc extensions with your hair to get a completely changed look without using any special hair products. You must get a little practice before using the loc extensions on the hair.
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First wash the hair to make it clean and condition it deeply. Leave the hair to dry on its own and avoid using any heating tools for better results. Next pull a small part of hair at the base on the head and brush it to take out the tangles. Use hair oil on this section and cut your synthetic hair as per your desire. You must fold synthetic hair into half to keep it close to your hair roots on the natural hair and make sure that the natural hair falls between two pieces of the synthetic hair. Start braiding the natural hair along with synthetic hair by twisting it around each other. Mist the locs with a hairspray and fold the end of the hair into half to make the end to points upwards. Wrap the end around dreadlocked hair to get into the look. Use this method around the base of the head and move up towards in the front of the hairline till the entire head has been covered with locs. Now you can use a hairspray to keep the hairstyle in place and also to add shine in the hair.

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