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Steps To Wash Green Tint From Hair


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Having a blonde hair can be amazing, but washing this type of hair with chlorine water can add a green shade over the strands. There are different ways you can treat this problem without a hair specialist to change the hair to its original color. The easiest way to change the green color on the hair is by using a baking soda by sitting at home. In case you have followed any other process to remove the green tint from the hair try to remove by rinsing the hair before using the baking soda.
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First take 2 tbsp of shampoo to mix it along with 2 tbsp of baking soda and make sure to create paste like texture before using it on the hair. Start applying the mixture all over the hair from root to end and leave it for few minutes. Now you will feel a little bit tingling sensation after applying the baking soda on the hair which means that it is working properly. Now you can just rinse the hair with normal water and repeat the process till you completely remove the green tint on the hair. Now it is time to condition the hair as usual which is very important in this process. There are many things that must be taken care to prevent the green tint on the hair such as wetting the hair with normal water before entering into a swimming pool which contains chlorine water.

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