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Straightening A Damaged Hair


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Making a damaged hair straight can consume more time even though you use chemical products during this process. There are also other ways that can be followed while straightening a damaged hair without using chemicals as they can damage the hair completely. It is important to remove the damaged hair before staring the process. Giving your hair deep conditioning treatment is a very important process to keep it healthy and try to follow a proper diet. Avoid using hair dryers on the hair very often as it can only make the problem worse.
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Apply a moisturizing shampoo for cleaning the hair and rinse it using warm water. Add a oil-based conditioner all over the hair to keep it hydrated by massaging it and wear a shower cap o leave it for about 10 minutes. Try to rinse the hair for about 30 seconds more to remove the conditioner using warm water. Use a towel to wrap it on the head to take out the water and try to pat the hair till it becomes slightly damp. Use a blow-dryer along with diffuser attachment to dry the hair by placing it about four inches away from the head. At last brush the hair using a flat hair comb to remove the knots and now your hair will become straight as well as look silky. Always get a conditioning treatment and apply a hair gel before using a hair dryer to make the straight.

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