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Treating Damaged Hair With Deep Conditioning


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Damaged hair must be conditioner in a proper way to make them look like a new hair. There are different things that can cause damage to the hair such as heat styling and using various hair products. It is important to get a deep conditioning treatment on the hair when it is damaged which can be done without going to a saloon.
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First use a clarifying shampoo to wash the hair and apply a clarifying conditioner all over the hair which will help to remove the buildup in your hair. You can use this method at least one time in a week and avoid conditioning the hair with a regular conditioner. Then brush the hair with wide toothed comb to remove the knots and never use a hairspray to take out the knots from your hair. You can use a deep conditioner all over the hair and mainly over the ends before covering it using a plastic cap. Try to apply heat on the hair after getting deep conditioning treatment which will help to intensify the process. Use a hair dryer with highest heat before wearing a plastic cap and leave it for about a minute. Add the deep conditioner on the hair and leave it for about 20 minutes. Now you can rinse the hair using cold water and try to remove the conditioner from your hair completely. Try to style the hair as usual, but make sure that the hair is dry.

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