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Coconut Milk For Treating Hair Loss


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Hair loss can occur due to various reasons and in the same there are different ways you can treat this problem. One of the simple way of taking care of hair loss is using a coconut milk. It is a very old way of treating the hair that can also help to slow down hair loss and support in hair growth. There are different ways you can use the coconut milk to support hair growth.
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First take grated coconut in a saucepan along with water and heat it. The leave the mixture for 5 minutes and strain it with a sieve. Press the coconut milk with a cloth and discard its residue. Make the coconut milk to become cool and use it on your scalp by massaging it gently deep into the hair roots. Leave the mixture on the hair for about 30 minutes and rinse it using warm water. Use this technique at least 3-4 times during a week. You can also add the coconut milk along with ingredients on the hair. Mix 1/4 cup of coconut milk along with a cup plain yogurt and 3 tablespoons of camphor lotion. Apply this mixture on the hair by massaging it deeply into the scalp and leave it for about 3 hours. Then rinse the hair as usual using warm water and do this 3-4 times in a week. You can also mix amla oil along with coconut milk to apply it on the hair and rinse the hair.

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