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Coloring Hair After Protein Filler


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Coloring the hair after using a color protein filler can be a perfect choice as it can cover the damaged parts in your hair. It can also help to make the hair look healthy as well as stronger. Color protein filler is available with a different shade that is expected to match the hair color that is used on the natural hair.
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To start the styling, apply the protein filler after wearing latex gloves in your hand and most the hair using a spray to make it slightly damp. It is important to keep the hair damp while using the color directly on the protein filler. Start using the hair color by following the instructions written on the coloring kit and wear a cloth around your shoulders to prevent the hair color from falling on the skin. Then rinse the hair till the water runs clean from your hair and never leave the hair color too long on the natural hair as it can change the look of your hair. At last get a deep conditioning treatment on the hair which can help to seal the hair color. The hair coloring kit will be available with a conditioner try use only that one as using other conditioner can spoil your hair. Stay away from the conditioner that has the label such as repair as it can make the hair to weigh down and sometimes it can also make your hair to break.

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