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Slightly Wavy Hairstyle


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A slightly wavy hairstyle can be achieved with any type of hair starting from medium to long in size. It can give a casual look that can be matched with a proper outfit to make it look beautiful. Those who have naturally wavy hair can achieve this style very easily, but those who have straight hair must put additional effort to create wavy look.
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As usual wash the hair to begin the hairstyling and apply a proper hair conditioner through the hair. Then divide the hair as various parts using a comb and twist this part with your fingers. There is no need to make the part look even as you will be removing it after sometime. Secure the twisted part of the hair on the scalp using bobby pins for about half an hour till the hair becomes fully dry. Now you can take out the pins to make the hair to fall down on their own. Next scrunch the hair using your fingers to create a tousled look and it can also help to add more volume in the hair. Apply a small amount of texture balm all over the hair and scrunch the hair waves by flipping the hair upside down. Mist the hair with a spray and curl the ends using the curling iron. You can pull out few strands of hair using your hands to reduce the wavy look and also brush them to look much lighter.

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