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Snooki Bump Hairstyle


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Snooki bump hairstyle is a very popular way of styling the hair among many celebrities and it is mainly worn by Snooki. In this hairstyle, there will be a short and big bump on top of the head that will be able to give a very dramatic look. You can easily achieve this look without using any styling tools and staying away from the hairstylist.
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First take a flat iron to make the hair straight by dividing it into one inch section on the top of the head. Keep the hair clamped in between flat iron from root till it reaches end of your hair. Then take a two inch wide section in the hair and it must be half inch thick. Mist this part of the hair with a spray and tease it at the back of your head. Keep the comb near the root to brush the hair downwards and slightly move this part up before continue the combing process downwards. Now take another half inch part of hair to add it with the previous section and mist it with a spray. Continue to add half inch sections and teasing the hair till you reach crown of the head. Check the hair if it looks frizzy, try to comb it as usual. Take the end of your teased part like a ponytail and try to twist it only once before securing at the back of the head using bobby pins.

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