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Controlling Flyaways on Wigs


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Wearing wigs can help to change the way you look very easily without doing any adjustments with your hair. The wigs are also made of human hair which will make them to change in different places. Even though the wigs are perfect choice to change the hairstyle, they can cause flyaways which can be treated by following few simple steps. There are various ways you can control the flyaways in the natural hair, but if you are wearing a wig try to follow a proper method to prevent damage to the wig. It can change depending upon the climate you are into just like a natural hair.
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First mist the hair with water and conditioner before washing the hair using a standard shampoo. You must wash the hair at least once a week using a clarifying shampoo which will helpful in removing the buildup and prevent tangles in the hair. Use a leave-in conditioner on the hair every day by mixing it with water. Try to saturate the ends using olive oil few times in a week in the night. Wear a satin cloth to cover the head before going to sleep to prevent the hair from getting tangled and frizz. You can also braid your hair into large braids before entering into the swimming pool or even sleeping in the night. Avoiding sleeping with a wet hair as it can cause flyaways and also stop using any African American products on the wig.


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