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Crochet Micro Braids


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Crochet micro braids are the best way to style the hair when it is straight. It is the best non-chemical hairstyle worn by many African-American women. You can easily create this hairstyle by using a glue without damaging the scalp and hair. This hairstyle can be created to change your look in short period without going to a hair stylist.
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Start by dividing the hair as small parts and make a part from the front to back of your head. small Create small French braids with the each section from the separated row and add lot of hair from the row along with the knot of the braid. Keep each row in place using a rubber band. Now use the hook end in the crochet needle to point upwards just below your first braid of cornrow. Fold the small part of hair into half and keep the loop in the end. Try to keep the folded end in your hair to go around the hook in the crochet needle to take your hair just below the cornrow. You can pull two loose ends of hair from the loop and make sure that the hair strands lay on top of the row to cover your natural hair. Continue this process all over the head and leave only small space in between the rows. You can cut the hair near your crocheted loop if it looks too long as it can spoil the look.

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