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Flat Twists With Permed Hair


twist permed hair twist permed hair2
Flat twists will look like cornrows, but it is usually created using two hair strands when compared to three hair strands in the cornrows. You can create the flat twist look with any type of hair, but creating it with a permed hair can help to keep it last for a longer time.
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Start the hairstyling with a freshly washed hair and keep the hair wet during the styling process. You can also apply a gel on the hair to keep it in control without any flyaways. Next take a part of hair on top of the hairline using a normal comb and keep it in place using clips. Try to work with one part of the hair at a time to make the flat twits and take the clip out of the hair to separate it into half. Try to divide the hair exactly into half and start crossing right section on the left and cross right section again by pulling some hair just under it to cross the strand over. While taking the hair to add it with the strand try to keep it close to the scalp. Use can use the same method about half way over the scalp or at the back to achieve the look as per your desire. At last secure the twist using bobby pins before moving to the next part of your hair. Take out few strands of hair to fall on your face to make this hairstyle look beautiful.

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