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Hairstyle With Thin Lowlights


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Adding thin lowlights in the hair can give a simple as well as beautiful look. You can use simple foils to achieve this look by adding multiple colors in your hair in various patterns. You can use think lowlights to get a bold contrast in your hair, but adding thin lowlights can look vibrant with multi-dimensional colors.
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First take a part of your hair with the help of hair brush which will be used for adding the color. Use a rat tail hair brush to divide a small part of hair from the hairline to your forehead. Pull this part of hair to criss-cross tail end of your brush and keep the hair that will not be used for coloring separately. Take a piece of the aluminum foil to keep it just behind the section that is in theĀ  dominant hand and pull it gently at the back to make it lay flat on the foil. Start applying the hair color over the foil using the coloring brush and try to keep it away from your scalp. Fold your foil into half and also fold the sides by pushing the foil forward. Use this technique on the strands of your hair which will be sued for coloring and secure the foil using hair clips. There are various types of colored foils available in the store that can be used to make your hair look unique without getting help from a hair specialist.

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