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Straight Hair With Choppy Ends


straight choppy ends straight choppy ends2
Creating a straight hair along with choppy ends can give a very trendy look. It is very easy to achieve this look without going to a saloon by cutting ends of the hair with an angle. You can cut the hair in this manner to make it move freely to get a natural feel. This hairstyle can be created very easily if you have a straight looking hair and other must try to straighten their hair before proceeding with the hairstyle.
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Start by washing the hair and dry it with the help of a towel. Make sure to rinse the hair well before drying it and keep it slightly damp. Take half inch wide part of hair in between the forefinger and your middle finger to pull it straight up. Keep the scissors about vertically down in the middle to make a V shape cut about half inch into piece of the hair which is in your hand. Continue to cut the hair around your head in the same method by pulling half inch pieces of your hair. Now you will have the hair in various lengths and sizes. Spread a texturizing hair gel using your fingertips on the half inch wide part of hair and one inch at the ends. Try to twist your hair as you go down t the end of your hair to achieve the choppy look. Don’t over twist the hair as it can spoil the look that you are trying to achieve.

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