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Fancy Messy Hair bun


<> on September 16, 2010 in Los Angeles, California. fancy messy bun2
A fancy messy bun can give a very glamorous look which can take just 5 minutes to achieve without going to a hair specialist. It is a simple looking hairstyle that can increase the way your hairstyle looks. In this hairstyle there will be a normal bun that will be created at the back of the head, but it will be make to look much fancy by using few simple styling techniques.
fancy messy bun3 fancy messy bun4

fancy messy bun5 fancy messy bun6
To create fancy messy bun, first use a straightening gel all over the hair after washing it and drying it using a towel. Try to spread the gel through the hair from end to the root. Use generous amount of gel on the hair if it is long and others can use just a little amount. Blow dry the hair with medium heat along with the help of a straightening brush to make the hair look straight. Now take the entire hair up near crown of the head to create a simple ponytail and keep it in place using elastic hair band. Start twisting the hair to make a simple bun and secure it with ponytail holder. Take the hair from your scalp with alligator comb to create a messy look and try to pull the strands out from it. Use a headband on top of the head and place another headband slightly angled over the first headband. At last use a light hold spray to keep your hairstyle secured in place.

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