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Hairstyle With Spiral Weave


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A spiral hair weave hairstyle is is a simple way to achieve full head weave. You can create various type of hairstyle with it such as bangs, afros as well as a bob. Try to be ready to spend more time to achieve this hairstyle as it can consume at least two hours to achieve it. You can get help from a friend to create this hairstyle as you will be using scissors as well as needles during the styling process.
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First part your hair at the nape with a tail comb in spiral circle and secure it in place with pins. Now take a piece of hair extension to use it like a cornrow in a spiral pattern. Try to create the cornrow with medium tight and securing it heavily can affect your scalp. Start threading the needle using a long thread piece and try to double it. Make a knot to cut the loose ends and keep the weave flat to cut it as six inch section which will be easier in creating the cornrow with the simple sewing method. Try to pull each weave piece for sewing it along with the spiral cornrow. Use cross-stitch to make the cornrow perfectly and secure thread ends using surgeon knots. Make sure that the last piece is at the center and finally sew middle part together. Now you can brush the hair weave to make it straight and cut loose thread pieces before styling the hair as usual.

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