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Reviving A Damaged Hair


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Hair can get damaged due to various reasons such as using heating tools, colors or even perming. In case you are using lot of styling tools on the hair it can become fried which is a little bit difficult to deal with. Reviving a damaged hair can take lot of time such as several weeks and in some cases even months.
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You can trim the hair regularly especially at the end of the hair which will help to recover the damaged hair very fast. Try to avoid washing the hair too much and do it once or twice in a week. Using too much shampoo on the hair while washing it can remove the natural oils on the scalp. Use a sulfate-free and moisturizing shampoo which will help to take care of the damaged caused on the hair. Try using a deep conditioner after shampoo washing the hair to seal outside of the hair shaft increasing shine. If your hair has become tangled try to remove it gently without using any heavy tools to prevent damage to the hair and always start the detangling process from the end of the hair. You can also try to use a split end serum on the hair when it is still damp to get rid of split ends. Wear a shower cap after conditioning the hair and leave it for about half an hour before rinsing it out of your hair to keep it healthy.

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