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Straightening A Dull Hair


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Having a dull hair can spoil your hairstyle very easily as you will not be able to take care of the hair. Most of the people face this problem due to the products used on their hair for styling which can cause damage and make your hair look dull. There are different ways such as straightening the hair which can make it look shiny. Make sure to select the right flat iron to style the hair.
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Always be careful while using a flat iron on the hair because using it too much on the hair can cause severe damage. Use the flat iron once the hair becomes fully dry and apply a hair gel all over the hair. Make the hair to part in different ways and mist a heat protector hairspray before using the flat iron. Clamp the hair gently with the flat iron and do this section by section. Use the same way for straightening the section of the hair in a gentle manner. You can also try to create curls in the hair only if required. Stay away from humidity as it can make the hair look dull by removing the straightness. You must be able to wrap the hair in the night before going to sleep to keep the hair as straight as possible. Hair wrapping is the best method to save your hair from becoming tangled. In case the hair looks more coarse set the flat iron to the highest setting.

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