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Adding Glaze On Gray Hair


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Gray hair is a very common problem in most of the people as they become old. It can also make the look dull and the hair will be lifeless. You can easily make the gray hair look beautiful by adding a glaze in it with the help of a semi-permanent color. It is a simple process that is similar to adding coat of polish over the hair. It is important to choose the right hair glaze for adding it on the hair to make it look good. Select the hair glaze which is similar to your hair color to make it shine naturally. You can also choose the glaze color lighter than your hair which will conceal the grays with highlighted appearance.
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Before beginning the hairstyling, place a waste cloth on the shoulder to prevent the color from falling on your skin. Then wear hand gloves to protect your hands and start adding the glaze product in a applicator bottle that will be provided along with the hair glaze product. Now you can apply it on the hair thoroughly saturate your hair strands and leave it on the hair as per the instructions mentioned on the product. Then rinse the hair as usual and look in a mirror. Use wide tooth hair brush to comb the hair for distributing your hair glaze evenly all over the hair. Get help from a hairstylist if you are applying the hair glaze on your hair.

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