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Chic Messy Bun


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A chic messy bun is a perfect choice for styling the hair for a wedding. It is very easy to achieve this look within few minutes without any special styling techniques. Most of them like to style their hair like this to achieve a glamorous look. Try to keep the hair messy while creating this hairstyle and creating it sleek can spoil your entire look.
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To create chic messy bun, first brush the hair using your fingers to create a ponytail at the back of the head and don’t use a comb. Now take the hair about two inch from the scalp to create enough slack during the wrap. Take the bun utensil in the right hand and use a chopstick to wrap and keep the bun in place. Keep the pointed tip in the utensil smooth to prevent hair breakage. Next place the bun utensil horizontally just underneath your hair and pull your hair on top of bun utensil for twisting it in clockwise direction. When the tip of your object starts to point up try to move the hair in the left side. Continue to rotate the hair along with the bun utensil till its reaches to the original position and keep it below the wrapped hair. Those who have a short to medium length hair can use this method to achieve the look and others who have a long hair must use two bun utensils to keep the hairstyle in place.

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