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Creating Spiral Curls With Rags


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Spiral curls can give a beautiful look when you wear it with a medium to long hair. There are different ways you can create the spiral curls such as using a curling iron and rags. Using a curling iron can cause damage to the hair, but rags can be much safer. Most of the celebrities try this style as it can give a really wonderful look. Just use this method for creating the spiral curls in your hair overnight with the help of rags.
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Begin the styling with a washed hair before taking the rags which must be one inch wide and six inch long. You must have at least 20-30 strips which will be used on the hair. Then separate the hair as once inch part and keep them in place using bobby pins. Keep the sections of hair away from the styling process by using bobby pins. Now take your rag strip to keep the one end on the scalp near the one inch part of hair and make it hang straight down. Try to wrap this part of your hair from top to end around rag strip and make sure to leave more rag on top as well as bottom to secure the rag ends together. Secure the ends tightly to keep it in place and leave it for setting overnight. You can take out the wraps in the next morning and you will have head full of curls.

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