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Taking Care Of Nigerian Relaxed Hair


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Nigerian hair will be tightly-coiled just like people from African descent and it can be made straight by undergoing chemical process. By straightening a Nigerian hair you will be able to style in different ways, but you must be able to maintain the hair in a proper way once it becomes straight. Always keep your hair moisturized to prevent hair from getting dry causing breakage.
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Try to cut the hair ends on regular basis and reduce the usage of hair products that include mineral oil as they can cause damage to the hair by removing the moisture. Stop using too much heat on the hair as it can make the hair to dry and cause breakage. You can try to set the hair in a roller instead of using a curling hair. Use a heat protectant on the hair before using any type of heating tools on your hair. Use hair products that have proteins which can make the hair look stronger and resist breakage. It is important to condition the hair on regular basis using a good conditioner. Avoid using any kind of conditioners as they may contain mineral oil. Don’t over process the hair using a relaxer as they can make the hair dry making them to fall out. Always brush the hair using wide tooth comb as it will not pull the hair causing damage. Avoid using combs that have smaller teeth as they can cause split ends in the hair.

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