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French Roll With Short Hair


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A French roll is a hairstyle that is a classic way of styling the hair and it can be worn only for special events. Many celebrities have been spotted with this hairstyle at various places including the red carpet. This hairstyle is normally created with a medium to long hair, but those who have short hair will have problems in achieving this look. Here are few simple techniques that can be used while creating this hairstyle with a short hair.
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First divide the bangs from hair if you have them and brush the remaining hair to mist it with a spray. Now pull the hair at the back to your left side and use bobby pins from the bottom to secure it at the back of the head for creating a vertical line. You can use as many bobby pins as possible to keep the hair in place. Take a rat tail comb to start the rolling process in clockwise motion and make sure it meets at the back on the head. It can be a difficult process as the hair will be much shorter, so keep on trying till the hair stays in place. Try to fold top of your roll down in case it comes out of your hairstyle. At last use a aerosol spray to mist the entire hair to control the flyaways and keep the hair in place. Use more bobby pins if your hair comes out even after spraying.

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