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Maintaining Black Hair After Bleaching


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Bleaching a black hair will take out the moisture from it making the hair look weak. The black hair will look drier when compared to other hair types as it takes more time to generate natural oils. The bleached hair is more prone to damage such as split ends or breakage and it needs proper maintenance every day.
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Try to wash the hair at least one time in 4-5 days which will help to keep the hair moisturized. Use a shampoo that is rich in moisture and rinse it using warm water. Use a deep conditioner to keep the hair looking soft and this will make it more manageable. You can also sit under a plastic cap for about ten minutes before washing the hair. Get a leave-in hair treatment after the conditioning process to maintain the moisture in your hair. You can also get hot oil treatments which contain vitamin E keep the moisturized for a long time. Leave the oil in your hair for about one minute before washing it using warm water and shampoo. Stay away from chemical treatments after bleaching the black hair as it must be relaxed further which can cause brittle hair and even hair breakage. Leave the hair as it is for about two months to make the hair grow at least an inch long before getting further treatments. Avoid washing the hair with hot water as it can make it look dry and also cause damage.

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