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Styling Hair With Jilbere Comb


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There are lots of styling comb available in the store that can be used for styling the hair, but a jilbere razor comb can be used to style the hair at home. You can easily change your look with this razor comb which can also add more texture in the hair to get a much fuller look. It can also be useful in creating a choppy hair ends for an edgier look. There are few hairstylists who use this tool for styling the hair as it is very easy to manage it. The comb can be used to make the layered hair look choppy without going to a saloon and you can get a tapered look by creating a blunt hairstyle with this tool.
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To use the jilbere razor comb, first comb the hair to make it tangle free and mist it using a hairspray to make the hair slightly damp. Having a slightly damp hair can be helpful in using the comb more easily. Now you can take small part of hair about 2-3 inches away from the end and hold it with the fingers. Use quick strokes for cutting the hair using with your razor comb. Try to comb just the ends of your hair along with the bangs and stay away from the roots on your head. You must lift the parts of hair up for combing it in opposite direction which will help in creating a choppy texture.

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