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Using Hair Scarf For Styling


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Hair scarf can be used with any type of hairstyle and it is considered to be the beat hair accessory that can give a beautiful look. There are many women who use the scarf as their styling accessories and it is also used for covering the thinning hair. Here are few things that can be helpful while wearing the scarf on your head.
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Most of the people try to wrap the scarf around their head to look like a headband. You can just fold the scarf few times and wrap it on top of the head and secure it at the back of the head. There are people who use the scarf to cover the hair elastic by winding it around twice and securing it over their neck. The scarf can also be worn to cover a thinning hair by keeping the straight side against the hairline and leaving the end to run over the hair. You must secure opposite end of your scarf just behind the neck. Another option is weaving your scarf into the braid which can give a great look. To do this, try to fold your hair scarf into one inch strip and keep it across the head similar to a headband and make opposite ends to slide down to the side of the head. Keep the scarf in place using hair clips and create a simple pigtail and include the scarf in the third strand. At last secure your braid using hair elastics.

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