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Hairstyle With Little Cornrows


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Creating little cornrows can help to get a neat looking hairstyle and it can also stay on the head for a long time. This hairstyle is normally achieved by braiding the hair very close to your scalp and you can be created it with your natural hair or with hair extensions. You must be able to make narrow parts in the hair to create the little braids easily and try to wash them once in 10 days. You can create the little braids however you want, but make sure that your hair is completely dry before starting the styling.
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Wash the hair and use a leave-in conditioner all over. Brush the hair completely to take out the tangles and use a light moisturizer on the scalp as well as hair. Then part the hair into sections vertically near the front hairline moving your way back till the nape of the neck. Take the remaining hair and secure it away from the styling process. Collect a small part of hair in the hairline and separate it into 3 different sections. Start crossing these three sections to each other by adding hair from parted row till you reach the nape of your neck. Secure the hair using a rubber band at the end and use the same method on the other parts of your hair to create little cornrows all over the head. Avoid pulling the hair too tightly while creating the little braids as it can cause hair loss.

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