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Natural Ways To Remove Hair Color


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Coloring hair can help to change the way you look and it can be done at home using few simple coloring tools. In case the color used on the hair gives a bad look there is no need to panic as it can be easily removed by going to a saloon. In case you want to save time as well as money while removing the hair color try to follow natural ways. Most of the people use different methods for taking out the color from their hair, but using a anti-residue can be the best choice as it can prevent the hair from getting damaged.
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Start by spreading an anti-residue shampoo all over the hair and then cover it using a plastic wrap. Leave the hair with the shampoo overnight which will help to make the pores open and remove hair color from your follicles. In the morning you can just rinse the hair to remove the shampoo using warm water. Add at least 3-4 cups olive oil in a saucepan and heat it fully. Now leave the oil to become cool and start applying it over the hair. Leave the on the hair for about 2-3 hours and wash it as usual using warm water. You can just use the same process to remove the color from your hair completely if it stays on after the first time. This method can take only few hours to complete but it the safest.

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