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Steps To Moisturize Hair Weave


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A hair weave is normally sewn or even glued along with the natural hair to make it stay on for about 2-3 months as per your styling. It is very important to care your hair during this process to make it stay healthy. You must be able to moisturize the scalp to prevent damage to the natural hair and it will also make it appear shiny. You must select the right product to moisturize your hair in a proper way or you may spoil the look of your hair weave entirely.
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First mist the hair with a shampoo by pouring it in a applicator bottle. Then massage the hair with your fingertips and rinse it as usual. Dry the hair using a towel and never use a blow dryer over the hair weave as the heat can damage it. Apply a small amount of castor oil on the hair weave and massage it using your fingertips which will help to make the hair look healthy. Now mist the hair with a little amount of leave-in conditioner from root to end and make sure that it evenly distributed throughout the hair weave. This will prevent the hair from getting weighed down and avoid using creams that are heavy as they can make them look oily. Cover the hair weave with a scarf to keep the moisture locked in the hair and keep the hair frizz free while going to sleep in the night.

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