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Trimming Your Hair Without Razor


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Hair trimming it usually done using a comb and a razor, but you can also do it without using these tools. It is very important to keep the length of your hair at the end even while trimming the hair. You must use few simple and basic techniques to trim the hair without using these items. Trimming the hair can be a very easy process if you just known the basic techniques.
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Begin the process by misting the hair with water using a spray bottle and take your hair from midway around the scalp to make a straight line. You must have two parts of hair such as one section on top of the head and another at the bottom. Now you can set a length using bottom half section and use it for measuring the length while trimming top half section. Make sure to divide both the sections in the same length. Brush the hair using a normal comb to take out the tangles and take a section from your hair about two inches across using your fingers and place it flat to trim the ends. After trimming the hair ends add it along with the other section that will be cut and try to cut the hair evenly on all the sides. Look in the mirror to check the entire hair to see whether they all are in the same length or get help from a friend to do this.

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