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African-American Roller Hairstyle


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Most of the African American will have hair that can be very challenging while creating various hairstyles.  You can create rolls with the African American hair with the help of small rollers to create the perfectly looking curls. Here are few techniques that can be useful while achieving this look.
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First select the rollers which are cool and avoid using hot rollers. Even though the hot rollers are expected to give the hairstyle much faster than the cool rollers they may cause damage to the hair. Then pull a small part of hair when it is damp and brush it completely. Always use wide tipped hair brush for combing the hair which is helpful in taking out the tangles fully. Start rolling the hair in the rollers from the end gently and secure it in place with the help of hair clips. Now you can use the rollers in the next part of the hair next to the first section and use the same method for rolling the hair. Leave the hair rolled till the hair gets fully dry and then take out the curlers. You can wait for the hair to dry on its own if there is time or just use a normal hair dryer for drying the hair. Avoid using too much of heat on the hair as it can cause severs damage to the hair. Apply hair conditioner that is suitable for the hair to keep it away from damages.

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