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Steps To Straighten A Nappy Dull Hair


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Straightening a nappy dull hair can make it easily manageable without using any special products. You must put additional care while straightening this type of hair if you are doing it without going to a hairstylist. You can do this with the help of a flat iron and make sure that you don’t use it too much on the hair as it can cause breakage.
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Use flat iron on the hair to make it completely straight and make sure that your hair is fully dry before using the iron on the hair. You can select a blow dryer for drying the hair in a proper way before preceding it further. Try to part the hair in different parts and mist heat protector all over the hair. Keep the hair sections secured separately if you are not using it during the straightening process. Avoid clamping the hair with the iron as it can make the hair to fry. Use the same method on the rest of your hair and try to do it in small parts. Those who have a naturally straight hair they must stay away from humidity as it can make the hair to frizz. Try to cover the hair before going to sleep in the night using a silk cloth. It is important to set the flat iron with proper setting before using it on the hair and in case you have a much coarse hair set the iron with highest heat.

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